Archetype Readings

Archetype Readings

Do you want to learn how to use archetypes for personal development and healing? 

I’m glad you’re here! I am a spiritual life coach and certified archetypal consultant who helps clients tap into the wisdom of their own soul through Caroline Myss’s method.

I offer personalized readings that help you understand how to use archetypes in your daily life, for healing and transformation. 

My program is designed for those who want to deepen their connection with themselves, others, and life in general.

An archetypal chart reading can help you gain insight into your current situation. 

It provides clarity about relationships, work and other areas of life that are often difficult to understand when you’re in the thick of them.

It will provide you with the tools you need to make real changes in your life that will bring greater joy.

The archetypes program is a transformative tool that can help you heal, if you know how to use it. This program has been designed for those on a spiritual path who want to discover more about themselves and the world around them.

Archetypes are integral parts of our psyche that help us understand ourselves, the world, and others. By becoming more aware of them and their characteristics, we can build healthier relationships with ourselves and others, heal emotional wounds, achieve greater personal fulfillment, and spiritual awakening.

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Are you questioning your sense of self or place in the world?

If you are experiencing identity in crisis, you may be questioning who you are in this life or your sense of self. This can often occur due to big changes or major stressors in life.

What helps with an identity crisis?

By getting in touch with how you feel. You can try journalling or writing down your feelings to help you process things.  And if you find yourself in an identity crisis, perhaps it’s time to ground yourself in some deep meaningful inner work and explore the world of archetypes and your soul contracts.

Archetypal work is a self-discovery journey that helps you understand yourself at a deeper level, giving you the insights, wisdom and guidance into your life. 

Inner work requires courage to look at what is unknown inside of you with the understanding and awareness how to overcome doubt and fear so that you can act on the guidance with more confidence.

This program is for people who want help understanding their archetypes and soul contracts better and develop their intuitive abilities. I provide a safe and non-judgement space for you to share your experiences, receive direct feedback and get supportive guidance.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • Consider yourself a spiritual seeker.
  • Interested in the archetypal work of Caroline Myss.
  • You might be interested in learning more about your own personal archetypes.
  • You might sometimes feel lost when it comes to knowing who you are? Do you feel like your identity has become blurry and you don’t know who you are anymore?
  • You might be seeking to heal and release past wounds, beliefs, and behaviours that no longer serve you.
  • You might want to reconnect with your spirit, rediscover your power and creativity?
  • Do you want to learn how to identify when you are giving your power away, and take steps to reclaim it?
  • At the end of the program, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself and recognise when fears are holding you back from being true to yourself. You will be able to step into the power of your soul from your highest potential!

What Are Archetypes and How Can They Benefit You?

Archetypes influence how you construct your life and view the world. They are energetic patterns that shape your life to help you understand yourself better, allowing you to tap into a greater sense of self-understanding.

They are your guides in life. They are energetic forces and patterns that influence the way you make decisions, feel and behave.

According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, humans are predisposed to think and act in certain ways. By studying archetypes and understanding how they influence your thoughts and actions, you can tap into their power to help you reach your goals–whether it be in work, health, partnerships or relationships with children or family members. Jung believed that archetypes live in the collective unconscious which all souls are connected.

  • Each archetype has its own characteristics and presents itself in a manner designed to help you learn certain lessons in life. It holds the tools and resources you need to achieve more, get better results from your daily activities, and make progress toward your goals.
  • Often, you want to make changes in your life but are unable to see through the mental clutter or fog of your own mind. An archetypal reading can help you see things more clearly.
  • It helps you understand what obstacles are holding you back from achieving your personal and professional goals.
  • The archetype sessions are informative and intuitive, and you can choose how to make the best use of them.
  • You will receive a reading that will acknowledge the strengths in your chart, support your growth in relationships and offer recommendations on how to best navigate challenging times. The reading will also give guidance on how to be healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

  • There are many different archetypes you can explore to understand your personality — get in touch with me to find out which ones best describe you!
  • This information can help you learn how to reconnect with yourself and find joy again in a way you never have before–you can use this information to become a better version of yourself.
Want to Know More About Archetypes? 

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