Empower Your Soul Videos

Empower Your Soul Videos

Christina Shine, Best Speaker, #YourWordsHavePower, 20th Sept 2022
Mission Statement

My mission is to help you learn to reconnect with yourself and find joy again. I use the tools of forgiveness and archetypes to help you rediscover who you are and enjoy your life with family and friends.

Why The Relationship You Have With Yourself Is So Important?

When you truly love and accept who you are with all the ups and downs then every other relationship in your life will improve.

How Do You Experience Mental Health?

When you experience mental health – fears, worries or feelings of guilt takes you hostage. You feel tired, low energy or have problems with sleeping, it affects how you think, feel & act.

Two Types of Healers

To heal means to make whole, to alleviate and to repair. The healer has the ability to create positive change for the people they are helping.

How to Spot an Energy Vampire?

The Light side of the Vampire Archetype is someone who is aware when someone or something is draining their life force.  In its shadow it is someone who depletes others for their physical survival. They can also be a chronic complainer, co-dependent and needy.

Ep.1 What is the Human Soul? 

The mission of soul conversations is to help people awaken, evolve and transform by reconnecting them with their true, soulful nature. So that they can learn from their soul and come into a high state of being, free, aware and whole.

Ep.2 What is the Human Ego? 
6 Things You Need To Know What Sabotaging Your Healing Progress
Do You Find Yourself Compromising Who You Are?
Understanding the Energy of An Archetype Reading

Archetypes are energetic magnets, it provides you with opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. It helps you to better understand the patterns of your life and help you to write and implement new stories for yourself.

The Thinker Archetype
What to do when someone disappoints you?

Are you getting disappointed by people close to you? 

No one is exempt from experiencing disappointments. That is the nature of being a human. Many people experience difficulty when it comes to feeling their emotions fully.

Here’s 7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself When People Disappoint You:
1. Allow yourself to fully feel your emotions.
2. Acknowledge that your needs were unmet.
3. Practice loving acceptance.
4. Speak up if you can in a loving and gentle way.
5. Have no expectations.
6. Don’t take things personally.
7. Set healthy personal boundaries.